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about us.

Acumen Business Consulting started in 2000 with a single dream – to deliver business success to organisations across the globe. Acumen focuses on providing practical, highly customised and implementable solutions through its consulting and organisation development engagements.
Acumen has conducted over 200 engagements across India covering industry verticals like Manufacturing, Real Estate, FMCG, Telecom, Automotive and Pharmaceuticals. Our clients include large conglomerates, up and coming players from the SME space as well as family managed businesses.
Acumen believes that each organisation is unique and that there are no “best-practices” that will work in every organisation. Any solution must take into account both, the ground realities and the culture of the business, if it is to give value to our clients.

ROI Oriented Offerings

We say that even before the start of the engagement, our clients reap immense benefits. Stated expectations, unstated expectations, conflicting expectations – we recognize all of them, and respect each one’s place and merit.

Trusted by Respected Companies

We are invited as sounding boards by our key clients on all critical matters. Year on year, around 60% of our revenue comes from our existing clients. Last year, we asked some of our long standing clients a direct question. Why Acumen? All the answers revolved around one theme: You guys may already have the solution, or may not… but what we know for sure is, you will find one that suits us.

Sustainable Solutions

Imparting knowledge is one thing. Making it applicable and deriving business results out of it is a different ball game all together; a game at which we excel. We have integrated Instruction Lead Trainings with Online Sustenance Models.

Diverse Expertise

Our facilitators are management consultants to various business houses, not just behavioral trainers. This experience and exposure makes them the most practical and sought after facilitators for any engagement

Innovative Engagement Methodologies

People have short attention spans. Therefore, the challenge of making our interventions relevant and efficient is what we relish. We have experimented with music, dance, drama, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and movie making. The outcomes are unique, yet relevant methodologies.